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Ball Sac Racing Team - #34 Brian
Name: Brian Kirkland

Racing Accomplishments:
  • 2005 CCS Southwest Heavyweight Superbike Champion
  • 2005 CCS Southwest Heavyweight SuperSport Champion

Profession: Software Engineer, Owner/operator VaporBlue.com

  • Helmet: Shoei X-Eleven Kagayama Replica
  • Leathers: Alpinestars SX-1
  • Gloves: Joe Rocket Speedmaster
  • Boots: Sidi
  • Armor: Erbo back protector, Under Armor shirt/pants

I was born in a very small town in Northern Arizona called Winslow. Some of you might remember the song with the words "standing on a corner in Winslow, AZ" (a little before my time)...I bet he was the only person on that corner that day! At 6 we moved away and since then I have lived all over the place. I even went to 4 different high schools! Some of the cities I have lived in are St. Louis, Oceanside (CA), Gilbert (AZ), Ahwatukee (AZ), Sunnyvale (CA), back to Oceanside, San Diego and Peoria (AZ).

I was married to my high school sweet heart (Amy) a week after graduating from Arizona State University in 1999. I left with a degree for Computer Science in Engineering. We immediately moved to Silicon Valley where we lived for 3 years. After that we moved to the San Diego area where we lived for almost 2 years before coming back to AZ.

My first motorcycle was a 1998 Honda Magna I bought used in 1999. I only owned that bike for a couple months before I traded it in on a 1999 Honda CBR 600 F4. Over the next 3-4 years I only put 4,000 miles on the bike. I really didn't have people to ride with and I had not discovered the joys of aggressive track riding. In 2000 I bought a Suzuki RM 250 and started riding dirt bikes a lot more than I did street. Northern California is a great place to ride a dirt bike. In 2001 I sold the Suzuki and bought a Honda CR 250 to replace it. In 2002 I sold the F4 and bought my 02 Honda RC-51 that I now race.

I have learned a couple things riding dirt bikes. For one, riding on the dirt really helps improve your abilities on the track. Being comfortable with the rear end moving around is key. I also learned that I crash way too much on the dirt. I haven't done much dirt riding since my concussion and life flight I got while riding at the Hollister Hills dirt park back in 2001. It wasn't until October 2003 that I really started improving as a sport rider and finally got my knee down! A lot of my growth as a rider can be attributed to the close friendships I formed with friends in San Diego through SoCalSportbikes. We spent countless hours riding on Palomar mountain....a GREAT place to ride but not nearly as safe as a track. After too many close calls on the street, I don't have any plans to ride on the street anymore. The track is way better.

My first race was the first race weekend of the 2004 CCS Southwest Region season.


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