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Ball Sac Racing® 2006 Sponsors

We are always looking for new sponsors to partner with. To find more information

about sponsorship opportunities with BSRacing, click here.


(Pat & Mike)





Please take some time and visit our 2005 sponsors and our 2004 sponsors. They are the

people that make it possible for BSR to compete at the level we do.



Sponsorship Opportunities


Are you looking for more exposure of your business or company? Did you know that the average race fan is an adult with a college degree or higher, an income of over $50,000, and 90% of those surveyed say that they will purchase goods or services from companies that support motorcycle racing and its participants? Together, we can reach those people. Here's how...


Types of Possible Sponsorship Exposure:


  • Your logo on the motorcycles

  • Your logo on the team trailer

  • Web site representation

  • Having your logo displayed in the pits at each event

  • Logo on crew shirts and/or rider's leathers

  • Display booths and/or give-aways showcasing your business's product(s)


Types of Sponsorship:


  • Donation of Business Services (e.g. dyno tuning from a dyno shop)

  • Component Sponsorship (e.g. tires, suspension)

  • Contingency Sponsorship (e.g. money paid based on race success)

  • Cash Sponsorship (e.g. fixed amount of donated funds to be applied to racing expenses)





To contact us about sponsorship opportunities, please send us an email and/or feel free to call us directly.


Thank you,


~ BSRacing


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