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Ball Sac Racing Team - #151 Tom
Name: Tom Savoca

AFM #157
ASMA #151
WERA #151
CCS #151

Racing Accomplishments:
  • 2005 CCS Southwest Unlimited Superbike Champion
  • 2005 CCS Southwest GTO Champion
  • 2005 ASMA Unlimited Superbike Champion
  • 2005 ASMA Unlimited SuperSport Champion
  • 2005 ASMA Formula 40 Champion
  • 2005 ASMA Team Sprints Champion

Profession: Owner/operator SAVOCA Construction

  • Helmet: Arai Tommy Hayden Replica
  • Leathers: Alpinestars
  • Gloves: Alpinestars
  • Boots: Sidi Race Vertebra
  • Armor: Alpinestars Tech Back Protector, Under Armor shirt/pants

At age 46 I fulfilled a life long dream of racing.

I was born and raised in Long Island. At age 11 (1969) I received my first mini bike for Christmas. It was a Benelli 50cc that still runs today! After that I went on to a Kawasaki 175cc, Yamaha RD-200, Bultaco 250 Pursang, and KX450. At 18 years old I bought a 77' KZ900. I went cross country 4 times over the next 3 years, attended school in Phoenix 78'-79 and sold the 900 in 1980 at 21 years old.

After that I worked in NYC uptown and Wall Street (not a motorcycle friendly place!). Over the next 24 years I never found time to ride while coaching and attending son (19) and daughter's (21) baseball, volleyball, softball and golf events.

We moved back to Phoenix Jan 1992 and I left a job of 10 years in Phoenix the Monday before Thanksgiving 2002. December 2002 I brought home a brand new 2003 Honda RC51 and took some time off to RIDE December, January and February!

I started SAVOCA Construction Inc. March 2003 right after my first track day at Arizona Motorsports Park. I did numerous track days at AMP and Firebird East before obtaining my race license at AMP in December. 2003. I used that license to get my CCS license January 2004 and attend my first CCS race February 2004 at Firebird.

The passion to lower my lap times grows deeper and deeper at every event. Within this short amount of time, and with the help of teammates Pat and Brian (through competition) I have been improving steadily. At the recent Las Vegas CCS round (my second CCS event of 2004), my lap times were within 4-5 seconds of running up front on an underpowered heavy bike!

I was recently filmed for a segment of Corbin's Ride On promoting trackdays for sportbikes (that's me, #151 in the intro).

As you achieve goals you get new ones. Competing in an AMA event would be a new one. Yeah, I know I'm old, but hell I can still dream can't I?


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