Tom's Race Report from Las Vegas Classic

9/17/05 - 9/18/05 Las Vegas, NV



Excited about having a good weekend. Ran well at Arroyo the week before and really want to push to the front. Had Mark Ledesma install a new STM slipper clutch which he finished just in time to load the bike in NVH parking lot and head to Vegas Thursday night. This was going to be a twin sprints weekend with practice all day Friday. Really feel like I can break out even more than last weekend at Arroyo since I like this track and know it well. Friday morning go out in the first session and find out the clutch is fried. Spend ALL day working on the bike with tons of help from Brian and Mike. Wind up putting the stock clutch back in. No practice Friday! Mentally I had been racing the track the last week with a slipper clutch. Put that all out of my head and actually run some good races. Wanted to get into the 1:19's but only got to 1:21.0 (still 6 tens better than Stone's best). Was another good weekend, ran up front in one race for the first 3 laps until Ivan got around. Had some good finishes even with all the mechanical problems. Feel real good about going to Fontana next weekend and getting to Superstock Q times.


Tom Savoca



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