Tom's Race Report from Arroyo Seco

10/9/05 Deming, New Mexico



I like Arroyo much better in the clockwise direction. This weekend we run counter clockwise. It's a combined weekend so the CCS guys looking for points are here.  Try to look at it with a positive attitude and attack the track.  Want to run a new tire in practice to really attack.  Found out I can only get 1 set this weekend and it's too hard, IMO.  Run OK Saturday.  Really struggle trying to keep the bike under me.  Thinking it's the used tires hope to do better Sunday.  Sunday put on the new slick and just as I thought, it was too hard for the temperature.  Fight the bike all day just barely getting to the 12's.  Realize good weekends where everything comes together are hard to come by.  Also realize that I am not willing to go over that edge if things are not right, which is OK with me, I have to get to work Monday morning. 


Tom Savoca



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