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Ball Sac Racing Race Report

Pat's Race Report from California Speedway

02/05/2006 Fontana, CA - with WERA West



The off season is over and it's time to start racing again!  I have not been on the track since early December.  Tom and I plan on doing all the AFM and ASMA rounds this year and the occasional CCS and WERA West rounds.  We thought the first rounds of WERA and CCS would be good tune ups for March.

I added a Tectronics Quickshifter and new brakes to the 999r.  I had a Dynojet Quickshifter on the the bike and wanted a little more adjustability.  The Tectronics unit had to be spliced into the stock wiring harness and came with a cool shift lever with a built in switch.  In December it worked great for the first session and quit working after that.  After trying to set it up again on the dyno, it still did not work properly.  I switched back to the Dynojet Quickshifter for Sundays races.  I was lucky enough to get some Brembo 2-pad Monobloc brake calipers for Christmas from my wife.  I purchased new 108 mm fork lowers from Moto wheels and sent my forks to Mark at Duc Shop to have them installed. I sourced some Brembo full floating narrow band rotors from Italy and was ready to go racing.

Tom had some new body work to get painted and his motor freshened up.  Mike bought a new Ducati 999s to prep and break in at the track day.  We also purchased a new to us trailer.  This trailer is BIG! It's 32'-0” long and has an 8'-0” livable area in the front and a full work bench and cabinets.  While I was at the sand dunes last weekend, Tom spent all weekend getting the trailer ready.  With the bigger trailer, Mike was able to come along to do the track day and be the BSR crew chief on Sunday.  It does take us a little longer to get to where we are going now.  Tom has to keep the truck under 70 mph.

We got to the track around 11 PM and unloaded our bikes into a garage.  California Speedway has garages with power and air for racers included in the price of a track day or races.  It was nice not listening to generators all weekend.  We did have a two stroke pitted close to us, so it wasn't all quiet.

We were running the AMA track that we raced on last September.  My best time last time, after two days, was a 1:40.2.  My goal for this weekend was to get into the 1:38s.  After showing Mike around the track for a few laps, he passed me and was on his own.  During the day, I was easily able to get into the low 1:38s.  It was hard to get clean laps in, with all the traffic.  With the gearing I had (14-40) I was topped out in sixth gear at the finish line.  I also was experiencing bad head shake in turn 10-11 and on the banking.  I had to back off in these two areas.

After talking with Jason from Section 8 Superbike on Saturday night, we discussed lowering the rear end and adding preload to the front.  And if all else failed, clamp down on the steering damper!

I probably get more sore from this track then any other.  I just wanted to get loose during the first practice on Sunday.  I put on new tires, did suspension adjustments and changed the rear sprocket to a 39 tooth.  I was able to go faster on the banking with the new gearing, but still had some head shake. My first race was Heayweight Twins Superstock.  Corey Eaton (very fast AMA racer) was in this race and just walked away from the rest of the field.  I had a back and forth battle with Greg Freeman (V-Twist from ROGUE and Speedzilla).  Greg was able to take second and I placed third.  The race was 8 laps and I was exhausted at the end.  I was disappointed with this race.  I was only able to do a 1:39.4 in the race.  I was hoping for low 1:37s.

My next race was Heavyweight Twins Superbike.  Kenny Kopecky (WSMC #1 plate holder) would be in this race.  During practice, Kenny was running solid mid 1:36s.  I was hoping I'd be able to stay with him at the start and have him tow me around.  With all the delays and red flags in the earlier races, it was announced that the races would be shortened to 4 laps.  This played right into my hands.  I had the fastest bike in the field and there was no way I could hang with Kenny and Corey Eaton for 8 laps.  I got my usual bad start and was in third going into turn one right behind Kenny and Corey.  I stayed within a second until the red flag came out after a lap and a half.  At the restart, another bad start, this time in fourth, but still close to the lead.  After the first lap, the third place rider on a fast Buell pulled off.  I was able to get closer to Eaton going on the banking.  My bike had an easy 30 horsepower on his Suzuki SV1000 and I was able to pass him before turn one.  I was able to stay in front of him for a lap and a half until I went too deep in turn 5 and then went braking and downshifting into turn 12 and didn't release the throttle all the way and ran too wide.  By the time I recovered, Corey passed me and put a little distance on me to finish a couple of seconds behind Kenny.  I was able to do a low 1:37 in the race, A new personal best for me and three seconds faster than I had in September.  The third place was still good for $200 in Ducati contingency.  I think with a higher fitness level, 38 tooth rear sprocket and no head shake, I should be able to get into the 1:36s or lower.  I wasn't able to hold it wide open going over the turn 10-11 jump.

It was close to 6 PM after my race and they still had five races to finish.  The last race was actually finished after it was pretty dark.

I would like to thank my sponsors:

Section 8 Superbike, Duc Shop, Ducati, Speedy Moto, Moto Wheels, Motorex, Universal Forest Products, Vesrah, Suomy, Sidi, Lockhart Phillips, Michelin.

Thanks to Tom and Mike for all the help in the pits.



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