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Ball Sac Racing Race Report

Tom's Race Report from Arroyo Seco Raceway

3/12/2006 Deming, NM - with ASMA



Pat and I got a late start, hit traffic, they lost our hotel reservation and we got to bed at 2:30 am in Las Cruses. It was cold and windy. Wanted to try the 16.5 front but never got the chance Saturday. Was tired and not comfortable and only got in 2 sessions on the CBR and 1 on the 749r because we were going to run it in the 2 hour Saturday afternoon. The 2 hour was fun. I think I rode 1:20 minutes of it with Mike riding the rest. I could ride that 749r for 2 hours, no problem, it's just that easy to ride. We finished second behind Sergio and Ivan, what a blast!

Sunday morning there were snow flurries! I really didn't think I would ride, didn't do any practice sessions and it was threatening to pour. I didn't run the first race, Unlimited SuperSport. The day keep getting better. I got my tires changed in the trailer (with the heat on)! and rode to the back of the grid for Race #4, F-40. Took a few laps to get the tires warm and had a good race. The next race was Formula Arroyo, got a bad start and was 5th into the first turn. Got up to 2nd by the second lap and stayed there all race till the white flag (which I didn't see) when Siminski passed me into the bus stop. I remembering saying to myself "ok follow him for a few laps and learn something, which I did. Now when we pass the start finish he gets the checker and again I don't see the flag and keep racing! As we exit the mini carousel Siminski is going slow I think he has a problem with his bike and run around him and exit the Yucca hard on the gas only to see the guys in front rolling slowly and then realize the race is over. Opps! Got a 3th anyway. Last race of the day was Unlimited Superbike. Got a good start, Ivan does a great inside pass at the first turn putting me in second where I finish (just in front of Siminski, ha).
All in all it worked out OK. The lap times weren't down where I wanted them but given the circumstances that's expected.

Oh the 650 spec class. It really sounded like a good idea and I know for Pat it is a blast. He really set his mind to it and it seems to have given him confidence and has helped his riding. Me, I'm mental. I have a different definition of fun. We all talk about it has to be fun and my definition of fun is 192hp bike coming out of turns and dragging the rear into them. I felt like I would be loosing the little time I have on the CBR every time I got on the 650. So when I rolled it out for the first time and laid it down at the very first turn I think it was telling me "your real bike is pissed." So the 650 is for sale and I left it with Roger. It's all set up and ready for someone to run it in the Spec class for the $5700 I paid for it with all the race stuff. If it doesn't sell by the April round, I'll bring it back to Phoenix put it back to street and Sally will get it.

As always missed Sally on this trip.  Gotta thank Mike for running the 2 hour with me and thanks Pat for the enjoyment of riding that 749r again!

Have thank Mark Ledesma at North Valley for a great bike and all the knowledge he imparts on me, Motorex, Michelin tires, LP and Vortex.




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