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Ball Sac Racing Race Report

Pat's Race Report from Arroyo Seco Raceway

4/9/2006 Deming, NM - with ASMA



Tom and I will be going to the races alone.  Our other teammates don't seem to race much any more. Dave Siminski has been coming with us the last few weeks, but he has commitments to do the WERA West race in Las Vegas.  Arroyo is about a six hour drive from my house.  We usually don't get to Deming until after 1 AM.  This time we get an early start and stop in Tucson to pick up my new bike.  I found a 150 mile 1994 Honda RC45.  It has been crashed and has only cosmetic damage.  After about 2 hours looking (drooling!) at all of Scott's bikes, we're back on the road.  We arrive at about the same time as usual.

The weather seems to be much nicer than the April round.  The plan was to ride the 999r in four races and the Ninja 650R in three races.  After going through tech with both bikes, I was able to do a session on each bike until the 999r wouldn't start.  The battery didn't seem to have enough voltage to fire the plugs.  I was discouraged about only riding the 650.  The little Ninja is fun in the lightweight classes, but is like bringing a knife to a gun fight in the unlimited classes.  I only did the two sessions on Saturday and helped Tom with his gearing most of the day.  I have been sick (head cold) for the past few days and wasn't looking forward to seven races on Sunday.

With seven races to go and two prior weekends on the Ninja's tires, I decide to replace the front tire on the 650.  The rear was holding up pretty good.  I'd rather be safe than sorry.  Pit out leads to the long drag straight at Arroyo.  I like to get ready for the race on the warm up lap.  At my normal braking marker, I go for the brakes and the lever comes all the way to the bar.  It's too late to pump them up before I'm off the track at over 90 mph!  I finally get the bike stopped before running into the fence and get gridded up.  I was able to get off the line in second in all three of the lightweight races and move into the lead by the second lap and went on to win in LWGP, LWSB and the Kawasaki 650 Spec class.  I'm hoping I could parlay the success on the little bike to the big bike.

I did four big bike classes on the 650.  I thought I'd be able to keep up a little better, but as soon as those bikes hit the second straight, they were gone.  I finished second in HWT, fifth in HWSB, sixth in UNSB and ninth in Formula Arroyo.

I collected over $600 in Michelin contingency, took the lead in three class championships, second in another and was home by 10 PM.

Thanks to Tom for the help in the pits and driving the rig.  Thanks to Roger for running a first class race organization.

Thank you to the continued support of my sponsors: Section 8 Superbike, Duc Shop, Speedy Moto, Moto Wheels, Lockhart Phillips, Universal Forest Products, Motorex, Michelin, Savoca Construction, Desert Truss, Suomy




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