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Ball Sac Racing Race Report

Pat's Race Report from Arroyo Seco Raceway

5/7/2006 Deming, NM - with ASMA



It's back to Arroyo Seco for round 3.  My oldest daughter, Rainey (11) decided to come along on this trip. I had to get my sub frame straightened from my crash at Infineon and a little touch up with a Sharpie and the bike was ready to go.  This would be the first round at Arroyo that I would be racing the 999r. The starting issues I had with the bike were fixed with a new starter.

This round is a Kawasaki contingency weekend.  They would be paying $2,000 to the winner in LWSB, MWSB, HWSB & ULSB.  I won 4 of 6 races in the lightweight class this year on the Ninja 650 so I figured I would have a decent shot at winning some money.  I figured I would leave the bike the same way as previous rounds and hope no SV650s show up.  Since I had to race the bike in the Spec Class, I didn't want to modify the bike.  Upon arrival at the track, I find out that Sergio is in the process of building a 650 Superbike.  He also has a full fairing on the bike and a race pipe, which negates my top speed advantage.  Roger is also running race gas and new tires.  I had originally planned on using the tires that were on the bike.  The rear had 15 races and the front had 7 races on it.  I'm usually the one who brings a gun to a knife fight and being at least 25 pounds heavier than the other racers, I knew it would be an uphill battle.  There was also a new racer in the lightweight class on a brand new SV650.  I decided to put new tires on and knew I would have to be at the front to do well in this race.  I was a little over zealous at the start and went into turn one in fourth place.  Brad Tinker on the SV and I went back and fourth the whole race.  I would get him on the brakes and he would pass me on the straights. Roger won the race with Sergio second and me third.  I collected $500 in Kawasaki money.

My next race would be Heavyweight Superbike on the 999r.  I'm gridded in the middle on the front row. At the start I'm passed by Mike and Dave “The Flying Pole” Siminski, I decide to pass both of them back around the outside of turn one.  I'm now in third place less than 20 yards from the leader.  At the beginning of the fourth lap, I get a little greedy on the exit of turn one, lose the rear and crash.  My race is over!  Well, at least I didn't have to pull over on the last lap and let Siminski pass so he could collect Kawasaki money.  The bike suffered a broken windscreen, foot peg and clutch lever.  With the help of Mike, the bike would be ready to race later in the day.

Next race was the Kawasaki 650 Spec class.  Since Kawasaki will only pay one race per VIN number, I will be riding Tom's bike in this race.  I set Tom's bike up exactly the same as mine, so it shouldn't be that different.  As I went out for third call, the bike wouldn't shift properly.  I never thought that the bike had a street shift pattern because I installed the rear sets on the bike with a GP pattern.  When I figure out that somebody had changed the shift pattern, I miss my warm up lap and the green flag for my race.
At the green flag of the second wave, I leave the pits in hot pursuit.  Tom's tires are cold and have much more wear than the ones I had on my bike earlier in the day.  At the end of the race, I'm in third place with a half a straight from second place.  Third place is good for $250 in Kawasaki money.

The next race was the big Formula Arroyo race.  This is the race that all the fast experts want to win!  It's also the longest race of the day.  I'm gridded on the third row and get a decent start and Mike and I go back and fourth for a few laps until he gets tired and pulls off.  I'm pretty sure he was just saving himself for a race later in the day.  On the 5th or 6th lap, a black and orange Suzuki 1000 passes me on the pit straight and then totally parks it in turn one.  After almost running into him, he pulls a small gap on me and I end up finishing 5th.

Immediately after the Formula Arroyo race, I hop on the 650 for the Lightweight GP race.  This was a fun race.  Sergio and Brad Tinker were going back and fourth the whole race!  I thought that if I stayed close, both of them would go off the track together and I'd cruise for the win.  Both of them stayed upright and I took third.

I get a one race break and then it's back on the 999r for Heavyweight Twins.  At this point, I'm pretty much exhausted.  The weather is in the high 80s and I have already done 5 races!  I'm second in the championship and the leader had bike problems and couldn't make it to this event.  This race would come down to Mike and I.  Mike got the hole shot on his 999s and I was unable to put up much of a challenge. The second place moves me into the championship lead and finally, I'm done for the day!

It was a fun weekend.  I collected $1,125 in contingency money.  I crashed for the second week in a row.
Before the crash at Infineon, It was one year and over 2500 track miles between crashes.  It was fun having Rainey at the track for the weekend.  We have a two days to get the bikes ready for our next event at Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama.

Thanks to Tom, Mike, Dave, Roger, Jennifer, and Rainey for the help in the pits.  Thank you to the continued support of my sponsors: Section 8 Superbike, Duc Shop, Speedy Moto, Moto Wheels, Lockhart Phillips, Universal Forest Products, Motorex, Michelin.



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