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Ball Sac Racing Race Report

Tom's Race Report from Arroyo Seco Raceway

5/7/2006 Deming, NM - with ASMA



This was going to be our last time at Arroyo until September. I really wanted to get some better times going in the counter clockwise direction. It seems the clockwise direction suits me much better. I've been into the 11's clockwise and I don't believe I've been into the 12's in the counter clockwise direction. My goal was to hit the 11's maybe the 10's. The bike was feeling real good at Infineon, got some good times and wanted to carry it over to Arroyo. The whole team was going to make this round but at the last minute Brian couldn't make it.

If I was going to get into the 11's I needed to get on the track ASAP. I got out in the first session.
The gearing I had for the clockwise direction was not good for the counter clockwise direction. So I changed to 15/37 which was much better. First session I only do 14's! The second session around the third lap after coming down the long back straight at 140 plus I go into the carousel and right at the apex the bike dies! I roll off the track try to restart and until I turn the key on and off the bike won't start. I think it's the tip over sensor, so I jump that and the bike is still shutting down at the apex of the same damn turn! Long story short I chase this problem all day and find a short on the wires from the tip over circuit. Roger was nice enough to let me on the track to test the bike just before sundown. I get in 4 laps and the bike is good.

Race day. I have 4 races on the cbr1000rr and 2 on the 650 kawi. First race was Unlimited SuperSport. I need to run DOT tires in this race. This will be the first time all year I ran on the DOT's. I was planning on testing the 16.5 front on the next race, but Stone showed up which meant I would have a race on my hands. I really wanted to put the slicks back on for the F-40 race, but there would be no time to get them changed after the SuperSport race. I go out in the practice session and do a 1:18! Holy shit! Now what? Second session I get to the 1:14's. Whoopee do! I get a bad start in the race wind up running 1:13's and finish 4th, I think. The worst thing is the bike dies again in the carousel! When it does I reach in with my throttle hand and reset the key and continue. Next race F-40. I go tell Stone that my bike may stall in the carousel so don't sit right behind me. I get another bad start from pole and by the end of the first lap I'm in second behind Stone. The first 3 laps the bike stalls in the carousel and I just reach in and turn the key. By this time Stone is gone. On the lap before the white flag Stone slows on the back straight and lets me catch up. Since the forth lap the bike was running find, so when he lets me past I say to myself "make the most of this and go like hell, if the bike stalls there is nothing you can do, if it doesn't he will repass before the end and take the win. So I pass him and head into the carousel not braking too late cause I know he will not past until the last lap. We cross the start finish and get the white flag. Now I say to myself "your gonna use all the energy you saved in this race on this last lap and not let the 'wrist" by! So I go late into turn 1, getting all sideways and don't see him. I get a great drive out of Yucca and go late into the bus stop just seeing his wheel. Now I know he can't get me thru the esses so I take a breath and prepare for the best drive onto the back straight. I know I have the HP and will get to the carousel first, but that boy is good on the brakes and this is the time to muster up the energy and go sick deep into the carousel. Well, it works! I get all sideways into the carousel and loose the front and save it with Stone on the outside! It was one of those moments we will both never forget and it made my whole weekend (thanks Stone for being that pushing force) I keep the bike railing thru the carousel and Stone behind me for the win. Just to clarify, this only happened because Stone waited and made a race of it. He could have rolled to the win. He is 1/2 to 1 sec faster than me in that direction so if we had a few hard laps he would have made the pass. I am glad for what he did and I think we both had way more fun because of it, what a blast! I got down to 1:11.4 in that race on the DOT's! Next race was Formula Arroyo the money race. I am second in points so I was gridded second next to Ivan Garza. Ivan gets great starts so I'm thinking to follow him into turn 1 and hang on the back and let him drag me around. It works, I get a good start fall in behind Ivan and we run. he is gapping me a little each lap and on the 4th lap Roger gets around me for second. As I get to the carousel my shift linkage falls off so I can't finish the race and loose valuable points. Last race is Unlimited Superbike, same plan, gridded second next to Ivan get a bad start and finish 4th. Scott Bergen and I have a great battle which he wins with some really good riding, way to go Scott. I get down to a 1:11.1 in that race which is 2 seconds faster than my best in that direction. The bike never stalled again after the F 40 race, so I hope it went away!

That makes 2 race weekends in a row that my best was 2 seconds faster than the previous best, I hope that is a sign of turning the corner.

Thanks to all our sponsors!



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