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Ball Sac Racing Race Report

Tom's Report from Infineon

8/13/2006 Sonoma, CA - wih AFM



After 2 months the bike is ready to go. It was a nice break in the middle of the season. I didn't realize how much I needed it, I was run down. Sally and I took a few trips, just the 2 of us up to Durango, Santa Fe and California that were great. I did a 1/2 day trackday at East just to be sure the bike was ready to go for Infineon with AFM. Since the engine needed to be rebuilt Mark and I decided to install the HRC "Power-up kit" It is basically a new ecu, cams, Ti valve springs and race harness. It raises the red line from 11,800 to 13,500. It also lowers the torque alittle and doesn't give any more HP. As soon as I did a lap around east I knew it was the way to go. The bike doesn't pull on exit like it used to but it's only a little less just need to keep the revs up little more. With alittle less torque I think it will save some of my clutches.

OK, to Infineon!

Pat and I will make the up and back trip. My rear shock needed to be repaired so I sent it Monday morning after the trackday to Dan Kyle and we picked it up at Dan's most impressive shop on the way to Infineon. Dan also said that I should have a 10.0 spring on the bike and I got a dyno tested spring. First session out come back in and tell Dan the bike feels stiffer but in a good way, but the rear doesn't seem to be digging in like it used to under acceleration. He turns some things (yes soon I will learn what all this suspension is and does, but I have no time, I gotta ride) and I go back out and in the second session turn the best time I've had at Infineon a 1:45.2. The bike feels great, we make a slight adjustment to the front after I come in and tell Dan that the front feels like it's gonna slide out going up the hill to T2 at speed, and it gets better.

Race day, Alex ran out of the 16.5 H rear, but says he had a special tire from Laguna that is similar. First race Unlimited Superbike, I'm on the inside and get pinched off at T1 with my shoulder rubbing the wall. I think I exit T2 around 25th. I work my way past up to 17th I think by the end. When I come in the tire is pretty abused and it didn't feel very good, actually it felt like shit. I only got down to 1:44.6 which is my best there, but I know it should be way better. Formula 40 used the same tire and had no confidence in it. I decided to have Alex put the used tire from Sat practice on because the one I had felt so bad. Well, dumb ass me forgets to check the pressure and I race the damn thing with 42 lb. in it in the last race unlimited GP!!

A few valuable lessons learned, make sure I have the tires I want, check the damn pressure asshole! and I have to get someone to help me with suspension! Also learned that if something doesn't feel right I won't push but I am getting faster because I ran my fastest times on a bike that never really felt right.

Have to thank Pat for making the long drive with me, Randy for all the help in the pit all our sponsors and Brian for the web work.



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