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Ball Sac Racing Race Report

Tom's Report from Las Vegas Classic Course

8/20/2006 Las Vegas, NV - with WERA West



The turn out was light. There was talk about running the north leg of the classic course. We ran it 90% of the day Saturday and I didn't like it. Well for racing anyway, it was kinda neat for a trackday. The haybales in the middle of the back stright would be to dangerous IMO and it turns out also in the WERA offical's opinion. We ran the classic course without any pratice on Saturday, It was hot!! Like 107 hot! Got down to 1:21.3 not my best but everybodies times were off due to the heat. Actually I had the second lowest lap time of the weekend.
It was nice having Sally back at the track and thanks for the nice motel recommedation Pat.



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