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Ball Sac Racing Race Report

Tom's Report from Las Vegas Classic Course

9/3/2006 - 9/4/2006 Las Vegas, NV - with CCS


I had been looking forward to this event since we made our schedule at the beginning of the year. It would be a long weekend, Sally and I will stay over Sunday night and enjoy Vegas the way it should be without having to race on Monday. I was also looking forward to racing with RRSW again since this will be the first event that would not conflict since February. I wanted to try and run up front by the time we got to this event even though my plans got a little derailed by the blown motor and missing 3 rounds of development. This was also the first event in a long long time where all the BSR crew would show up with only Mike not riding because of his broken collar bone. I like the Vegas track. Got up to my previous best times right off the bat. I decided to finally try the 16.5 front, things were good the first 3 sessions so I felt I could throw something new in the mix and quickly revert if I needed to. The front felt good. The first tire I tried at Buttonwillow gave me no front end feedback. This was the new 16.5 front and it was good. Actually got into the low 1:20's.
Race day. It was a little disappointing that some of the RRSW regulars did not show up. The bike felt good and all low 1:20's in qualifying and in the first race Unlimited Superbike. Ran well all weekend and it was hot! Decided that Unlimited GP was the race I would give all I had on Sunday. Ivan as usual was winning everything other than Saturday when Dale won the Unlimited GP and I really wanted to give Ivan a run Sunday since Dale would not be racing. First lap we are 1&2 but he isn't getting away, actually it looks like I may be closing in. Then as I brake for T7 and get to the apex, my foot slides off the footpeg. I knew right away I was leaking something, so I put my hand up and roll into the pits. Turns out one of my coolant hoses blew off. I'm alittle pissed cause 1st was $500 and 2nd was $300 and being in the pits with 5 laps on new tires is 0. The consolation prize was that I did the fastest time of the race, my best of 1:19.2. I was spent for the races after that, did OK times. The last race I could only get to the 1:21's. I was beat and the tire was greasy and worn. I did have a great race with Lyle Brown though. He got a great start. I knew from the first lap he meant business and was trying to stay in front. I decided to sit behind him and see where I could make the pass. I now regretted showing him how fast you can go through T6 during practice Friday!haha Anyway this 8 lap race was turning into a ton of fun! My first attempt I decided would be to get a good drive out of T4 and out brake him into T5. I muster up my energy, get a decent drive and come up the inside of him and at the last minute decide it's too close and check up. We go around again and the same result. So now I decide on T7. I run up the inside with the back backing in and again have to check up cause it just ain't worth a pass that close. Now I'm in my helmet saying damn he is riding well!! I am also out of energy cause those 4 attempted passes and 1 more coming out of T8 has sucked all the energy out of me. We finish close and he got the deserved win and it was one of the few races that I can remember the whole race, it was that much fun!
Have to thank Pat for driving the rig back so Sally and I could stay and enjoy Vegas. Dave "the flying pole" Siminski for his suspension knowledge and suggestions. Oh and Pat again for annoying me about trying the 16.5 front, so I did to shut him up and I like it. Mike for coming up and helping in the pit Brian for the web work. And Sally for always coming on these trips. Just knowing she is there when I'm on the track is nice.



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